Southern Charms - Bobenna (17 GB)

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Southern Charms - Bobenna


Southern Charms - Bobenna

A Bit About Bobenna...
Marital status: Happily Married
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious (love a ladyis physique)
Birthday: July 6, 1985
Sign: Cancer
Sizes: 36DD-28-36
Eye-Color: Brown
Hair Color : Dirty blonde
Top: 5'6"
Dress Size: 7/8
Shoe size: 9
Size: 6
Muff: Shaved
Goals: to create men's troops salute
Weaknesses: Dirty men
Started on Charms 2011
My Favorites...
Color: Green
Favorite Food: icecream
Favorite Drink: Bay Breeze
Favorite Indulgence strawberries
Shows: Dexter, Trueblood, Shameless ,
Favorite Vacation Spot: Jamaica
Favorite Music: State, along with the older R& W and hip hop
Favorite Cologne: Victoria Secret Pure attraction
Favorite Sexual Position: I - can simply pick one! :(
Experience Sexiest While: high heel shoes and   Wearing nylons

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