The Scoreman Vol.1 / Злобный Ценитель ч.1 (Zoliboy / Real Blasta Productions & Productions & [2005 г., fisting, pissing, masturbation, fetish, casting, golden shower, urin drink, blowjob, anal, all sex, DVDRip] (1.33 GB)

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The Scoreman Vol.1 / Злобный Ценитель ч.1 (Zoliboy / Real Blasta Productions & Productions & [2005 г., fisting, pissing, masturbation, fetish, casting, golden shower, urin drink, blowjob, anal, all sex, DVDRip]


The Scoreman Vol.1 / Злобный Ценитель ч.1

Год выпуска: 2005 г.
Страна: Hungary
Genre: fisting, pissing, masturbation, fetish, casting, gold bath, urin beverage, blowjob, anal, all gender
Duration: 2h:40m

Studio: Actual Blasta Shows & Productions &
Режиссер: Zoliboy

Starring: Melinda Doll (as Melinda), Yasmine Gold (as Cherie), Angela Winter (as Evelyn), Olivia York (as Olivia), Zoliboy (as Zoli)

Описание: Паренек под прозвищем вполне ему подходящим Zoliboy(Злой парень) решает устроить кастинг и это у него получилось на все 100%,вот только девочки пришедшие на него не совсем наверное догадывались о намерениях этого маньяка,они то по простоте своей душевной решили срубить с помощью своих пелоток немного капусты,но не тут то было,потрахаться конечно всем охота и тем более если за это еще и забашляют,но вот парень устаивовший этот кастинг задумал не просто трах а мягко говоря немного извращений,для начала все как обычно,предлагает девочке раздется,потом может дать пососать своего петуха,но на этом и финиш,потом он начинает сувать свои рученки в киски этих малышек и что самое интересное им все это доставляет удовольствие.а тот и рад стараться,сует по самое не хочу,а те визжат от кайфа,потом может спокойно помочиться на девочку и та в долгу не останется и ответит взаимностью,потом предложит запихать фаллоимитатор немыслимого разиера и оптять все четко,одним словм извращается паренек по полной программе и все довольны,все смеются!!!
Scene 1: A Romantik Morning with Melinda.
Melinda with Zoli.
Hungarian Melinda consumes time walking around sunlit Budapest with Zoli (aka Zoliboy). They head out to the river and end for a beverage of water. They continue on with all the walk. We observe Melinda in a home and she is German-kissed by Zoli. Melinda starts to draw Zoli off standing up and undresses. A bed is ended up on by the pair. They cease for kiss and some time subsequently the BJ is continued with all by Melinda. Now she begins to deepthroat also. a cumshot which countries on body and her experience is ended up with by Zoli.
Picture 2: Pissing on Our Love.
Izabell with Zoli.
Zoli is on his strategy to pick Izabell up in his vehicle. (He identifies her as Izabella). About how he fancies this Hungarian adolescent Izabell he rants on, and we see him together with her at a retail center. Izabell attempts out some new clothes within the space that is changing while Zoli fondles and performs together with her. The very following day Zoli invites Izabell to his spot to become a part of his movie. Twenty- yearold Izabell finds the position of Zoli. He gets her to strip off. He sweet talks Izabell and her a little starts to offer Zoli a BJ while she is currently relaxing on the couch. Izabell deep-throats Zoli as he persists to take pleasure from the BJ she's giving him. He presents her a cosmetic. Next we discover Izabell in a bathtub and Zoli urinates all-over her body. Izabell makes him cum her body over and begins to provide him a HJ. Zoli plays at the end of the landscape as urinates in a bath together with her pussy.
Scene 3: Horny Ukrainian.
Katrin (as Marina) with Zoli.
Zoli is along with his residence block with Marina. (She is awarded as Marina, however in the world she refers to her label being Nicol, a nineteen-yearold from Ukraine). Marina shows off her physique . She gets from her outfits and Zoli starts to finger her, taking her back inside. The fingering shortly converts in to fisting on her pussy. Marina subsequently starts to offer Zoli a BJ on his bed and makes him cum, but this time around the amount of money chance does not land on her face.
Landscape 4: Extreme Plays with Cherie.
Yasmine Gold (as Cherie) with Zoli.
Zoli introduces the camera to Cherie, a gothic youngster who's already nude and ready for activity and is in his bedroom. Somewhat of acquiring starts and Zoli is being given a BJ by Cherie. Zoli shows the pussy of Cherie off then the BJ proceeds. Zoli sticks on his handdown Cherieis mouth and now he is trying to resemble National Max Hardcore. He rubs her neck producing her cough to Cherie's spit all over her experience, the BJ proceeds yet again Zoli stays down his hand. He starts to rub more saliva on her face and the BJ goes on. Zoli inserts a clitoris metal cut /funnel thing in her pussy, while she is having a smoking; Zoli chooses to urinate in the steel clip and into her pussy. He starts to urinate into the mouth of Cherie and at this point she looks as though she is going to purge and eliminates the metal show!! You can inform this by the manifestation on her encounter, but she tries to grin when she could. Zoli spits in it then shoots his cum inside and sets a channel. The channel is eliminated and Zoli applies his hand-down her mouth once again. That is one landscape not for the faint hearted. Preserve a bucket convenient.
World 5: My New Slave.
Evelyn with Zoli.
Reddish-haired Evelyn removes her clothes in the woods. Her vagina is cleaned by her using a tissue and puts on her outfits. Zoli starts to urinate into her mouth. Next they are seen by us within the home, Zoli does the identical spit schedule as he did in the previous picture with Cherie and stays his hand-down her mouth. Evelyn lies on to the floor bending her back and butt for the camera and doing the splits. Then he makes as she's in a bizarre location this could partially land on her face that is own and Evelyn urinate. Evelyn subsequently does some fisting on her home. We enter the tub and Zoli decides to urinate on the mouth of Evelyn. She takes a drip that is rapid herself and then it is back to some self- . Zoli decides he really wants to interact and starts to hand arse and her vagina his hands with both; he starts to fist her as well. All over again Zoli urinates over the encounter of Evelyn, and she begins to provide a BJ with deepthroat to him. The world finishes with a facial. Another scene not for your faint hearted.
Picture 6: Play with Olivia.
Olivia York (as Olivia) solo world.
Nineteen year old Hungarian Olivia is perched around the bed in her white long-sleeve top and jeans, grinning in the camera. Zoli begins to interview her. As she did some understanding in america her English is not pretty bad. She starts to remove down and show-off her beautiful lean amount. Olivia begins to masturbate together with her fingers and starts to perform along with her vagina. She does not use it although Zoli delivers a prolonged dildo to Olivia. So your camera can seem inside her pussy hole a material pussy show is inserted by her. The video that was slit is removed and Olivia begins to fist herself, she subsequently determines to-use the long dildo on herself and masturbates hard. She features her vagina for that camera after she's concluded using the dildo. Olivia urinates within the bathtub.

Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Video codec: XviD
Audio codec: MP3
Video: 2487Kbps, 29.0 fps, Decision: 720 x 416,
Audio: MPEG1 Level 3, 44100Hz 128 kb/s whole (2 chnls)





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